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Old-school Z Car Sports Car : 1972 Datsun 240Z
My 1972 Datsun 240Z sports many old-school modifications...
Impala SS with drums... Grocery-Getter & Street-Machine : Super-Heavyweight Division
My 1996 Impala SS has a dashboard-mounted electronic drum set in addition to some standard performance mods...
Truck with drums... ArtCar : "Careful - It Smells Fear!" Truck
An award-winning (well, 1999 Parade Magazine dashboard contest) pickup featuring an interior drum kit and other adornments...
Quaint Quirk-mobile : Austin Healey Sprite Mark II
A maddeningly English 1964 Austin Healey Sprite Mark II...
90 MPH Bathtub Racer Bathtub Racer : 1941 Kohler Clawfoot Cast Iron Tub goes to the track
Back when Southern Tech encouraged you to go 90 MPH in a bathtub...
whoosh Rockets : Why build a model that just sits on a shelf?
So glad these are still legal...
dented just the way I like it Truck : No self-respecting Georgian should be without one
I own one of each kind of pick'em'up - one what runs and one what don't...
Boys will be boys Rental : The fastest kind of car
All hail the applicable statute of limitation...
Burning methanol back before it was cool Go-Kart!
As Charlie commented after driving it, "your parents must not love you very much."
You have to go on and be crazy Home Furnishings : Accessories for the Modern Man-cave
Closet Doors : Why leave them eggshell?
Best prank ever Prank : Funny, Impactful, Little lasting damage
Mark and I fill a car with popcorn in middle of the night.
Letter written toilet seat Letter : Stationary from Home Depot
Mark and I write a letter on special stationary from the home improvement store.
Noisy crunchy antenna Wifi Antenna : There are clever people out there
If you don't mind a little noise and crumbs in your signal, this things works ok.
ants ants : Everyone should try being a performance artist
And then quickly quit.