Alison and Ken Stuff

September, 2016 To Kentucky for AK big birthday
August, 2016 To Jackson, Mississippi
July, 2016 To Plains, To Vermont
May, 2016 Elementary School Graduation
April, 2016 Trip to the food bank
March, 2016 Jake plays ball; G has a crazy birthday party
February, 2016 Cousins in town
January, 2016 Vermont and Nashville
December, 2015 xmas and Boston
November, 2015 Sports! and back to China
October, 2015 CBH Retreat
September, 2015 Massanutten trip
August, 2015 Vermont trip
June, 2015 High Falls State Park
May, 2015 Iowa
April, 2015 Passover, Italy, Road A
March, 2015 Birthday Party, Taiji
February, 2015 Chinese New Year
January, 2015 Vermont
December, 2014 Sanibel
November, 2014 More fun at a farm
October, 2014 Gardens, Fairs, Sukkot, Wedding
September, 2014 AK (and Sam) bday
August, 2014 Family visit to Vermont for mom's birthday, trip to Wash DC
July, 2014 AK visits Beijing, G goes to summer camp
June, 2014 Oakland Cemetery
May, 2014 Panola Mountain, Georgia vineyard, Buffalo/Niagara
Apr, 2014 Michael Holland service, Charleston, AK to Beijing
Mar, 2014 G Bday, Tree Planting, Science Fair
Feb, 2014 Snow Day, Back to Clayton
Jan, 2014 NYC trip, Clayton trip
Dec, 2013 Albany, Syracuse trip
Nov, 2013 Thanksgiving, AK's new iron
Oct, 2013 Fall fun
Sept, 2013 Planes, Cars, Uganda
Aug, 2013 Back to Beijing for 2 weeks
July, 2013 To lake in Vermont
June, 2013 To Chattanooga for car parts
April, 2013 Huntsville trip, Birthday, and more
March, 2013 AK returns to ATL; KA visits San Fran area
February, 2013 KA and G to new england; AK and Stephanie to western china
January, 2013 Yunnan trip with friends, KA and G return to ATL
December, 2012 Holidays, Orphanage Visit, Yunnan trip with friends
November, 2012 Eve, Brenda, and the boys visit us in Beijing and Macao
October, 2012 Eric and Alex join us for Ningxia trip; Halloween
September, 2012 Hanging around Beijing
August, 2012 Seoul trip
July, 2012 Visit ATL and VT
June, 2012 KB Retreat, Birthday
May, 2012 Shaolin trip
April, 2012 Julie, Terry et al visit; Passover
March, 2012 G 8th Birthday
January, 2012 Return from ATL, Harbin Ice Festival
December, 2011 Scottish Ball, Back to ATL
November, 2011 Yangshuo and Siem Reap, Cambodia
October, 2011 Taiwan with grandparents, Sukkot
September, 2011 Pingyao
August, 2011 Trip to ATL
July, 2011 Mongolia
June, 2011 AK to India; Parties
May, 2011 Tianjin
April, 2011 To Singpore, Passover
March, 2011 G birthday, Chris and Carl visit
February, 2011 Chinese New Year
January, 2011 US visit, then back to Beijing
December, 2010 Holidays, and off to US for visit
November, 2010 Visit to Hainan island
October, 2010 Eric and Alex visit, and Uncle Doug visits, and Halloween
September, 2010 Inner Mongolia, Ritan Park, Harvest Moon, Trebuchet
August, 2010 Rest of Vermont trip and outer Beijing excursion
July, 2010 Vermont trip
June, 2010 Shanghai trip, etc...
May, 2010 May goings on...
April, 2010 Weather becomes tolerable, and parents visit...
March, 2010 We're having a fun March...
February, 2010 We live in Beijing now...
2004 to 2010 Mostly here...
April, 2005 Eve and Brenda wedlocked
March, 2004 Grant Harris
February, 2004 Front Yard
January, 2004 Small Garage work
September, 2003 Big Garage work
September, 2002 We buy a house
August, 2002 AK and Jose before congress on CSPAN
June, 2002 Curacao
April, 2002 Little Cumberland Island (Georgia)
Oct, 2001 Ormewood Park neighborhood joyride in VFW train-wagon
Honeymoon, May, 2001 Andalucia, Spain
Wedding, May 20, 2001 Waitsfield, Vermont
April, 2001 Pre-wedding plan trip frozen Waitsfield, VT
January 2001 January 2001 update
XMas 2000 XMas at Alison's place
November 2000 Thanksgiving
October 2000 Carving pumpkins
October 2000 Engaged to be wedlocked
October 2000 Digging in the yard
October 2000 Ann Arbor Trip
May 2000 Washington DC Trip
? Tuscon Trip
? Oakland Cemetery
? Memphis Trip
May, 1998 South Dakota Trip
Nov, 1997 Ireland Trip
? Vermont Trip
? Memphis the cat
? Albequerque Trip
? Dixie Speedway
April, 1996 Australia Trip
Oct, 1994 China Trip
06/94 Officially dating
04/94 Cape San Blas Trip

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